Meet Angie Moon

Angie Moon’s passion for advocacy and teaching led her to Nebraska Family Planning. 

“Health care is a right,” says Angie Moon. “Everyone deserves to receive quality health care. Regardless of your background, your income, every variable. Regarding family planning services, it truly affects everyone.”  

At Nebraska Family Planning, Angie serves as Healthcare Strategist. Her day-to-day is filled with analyzing data, connecting with other health professionals and bringing together diverse groups to help Title X Agencies succeed by taking down structural and social barriers to health care. 

Nebraska’s diverse metropolitan and agricultural populations lead to unique challenges in providing health services, she says. But Angie is clear: location should not be a barrier.

“No one should be excluded from family planning services, regardless of where they are from,” she says. “We must not only provide these services, but make them readily available for anyone who wants them.”  

Location isn’t the only barrier to providing family health services.  

Poverty, education, insurance access and discrimination contribute to health disparities; underserved populations such as racial and ethnic minorities, the LGBTQ+ community, women and other groups who persistently experience social disadvantage are also often affected. 

“We need to identify all of the health disparities at play. We must identify and examine,” Angie says. “Then we strategize and take down barriers. My role is to develop and implement strategies to take those barriers down.” 

Angie’s unique perspective is an asset to achieving Nebraska Family Planning’s mission.  

“In one aspect, I represent Asian-American heritage and am a minority. I think this helps me provide care for our patient population — who I think yearns for others who look like them. I also grew up in a small town, but I’ve transitioned to urban metropolitan Omaha. All of these aspects help me provide a unique perspective to Nebraska Family Planning.” 

In Angie’s eyes, she believes cultivating diverse relationships is necessary to achieving better family planning health outcomes. 

“We need to connect at a level we can all find joy in. Trust is not given, it is earned. We are struggling as a society to build trust and it needs to be secured. If we don’t offer and extend trust, we won’t accomplish anything as a state, a nation or as a world.” 

Angie believes Nebraska Family Planning will form these bonds and serve the state in a way that benefits all Nebraskans. 

“I want us to be the organization that doesn’t judge, doesn’t discriminate; we are inclusive, we are welcoming — one that is known for helping build families across the state.” 

Angie, DNP, FNP-C, APRN-NP, works as a Family Nurse Practitioner at CHI Health. Angie’s career spans multiple degrees from Creighton University, the UNMC Pediatric ICU, ConAgra Foods, CHI Health and even a candy striper in her hometown hospital. 

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