Mariel Harding, RN, MPH, NEFP Reproductive & Sexual Health Care Clinical Educator

NEFP is pleased to welcome Mariel Harding, RN, MPH, to the team. She will serve as the Reproductive and Sexual Health Care Clinical Educator. This role will allow Harding to schedule and facilitate training opportunities for clinicians and clinic staff through the NEFP Reproductive and Sexual Health Equity Clinical Training Center. She has come to NEFP from a public health background that has allowed her to build strong relationships with allies in reproductive health and family planning.

She believes NEFP is well positioned to unveil trainings that will enhance the client experience and job satisfaction among agency staff. She understands the need for comprehensive training in reproductive health.

“I think, for me, it’s about social justice and that reproductive health is a highly personal, often stigmatized experience that has the opportunity to be something that’s really positive in someone’s life or supportive and it also has the potential to not be those things. So, it’s important as health care providers that we meet our patients where they’re at and provide patient centered care. And really learn to listen to make sure that we’re providing the care that people want and need.”

She also believes that Nebraska’s Title X Network already has many of the essential building blocks needed to create broader learning.

“There’s a lot to know as a health care provider and so I see my job as helping to fill in any gaps people may feel they have, making sure they know best practices. But, also, I want to support these great providers across the state in learning from one another because they are already experts in what they do. They have a wealth of knowledge. I want to build a program that brings new information in from across the country that also facilitates learning from the inside out,” Harding said.

She is committed to NEFP’s mission to serve those receiving Title X services through supporting those delivering care in the clinics.

Harding said, “NEFP has this unique position to be able to support staff at the agencies who are providing a super valuable service to the people of Nebraska. This role in which we get to bring together so many ideas, best practices, and support one another to make sure that the care that is provided is really about meeting the needs of the clients.”

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