NEFP Welcomes New Executive Director

NEFP has selected Joanna Murray to serve as NEFP’s Executive Director.  Ms. Murray has served in an interim leadership capacity with NEFP since October 2021 and will work in a part-time capacity until June 1, when she will transition to a full-time role. Murray has shown outstanding leadership as she has led the organization in the past six months. Her strengths include skillful communication with staff, the board of directors, funders, and NEFP community members, as well as an ability to assess a situation and solve issues in an encouraging and professional manner.

Ms. Murray is a Nebraska native and brings over 25 years of experience in nonprofit management and extensive background in organizational and leadership development, systems integration, grant writing, and grant management. Ms. Murray previously worked as the Senior Vice President for United Way of the Midlands, overseeing UWM’s community investments of over $12M annually. She was also a founding partner with Ki ThoughtBridge, LLC, a national consultancy serving Fortune 500 corporations and national nonprofit organizations in managing change and conflict negotiation. Ms.  Murray has worked with both local and national clients engaged in healthcare such as the American Red Cross, St. Vincent Hospital Systems, Aetna Insurance, the Visiting Nurses Association, Nebraska Children and Families Foundation, and the National Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking.

We welcome Joanna to the Title X community!