Title X is the only federal grant program dedicated solely to providing individuals with comprehensive family planning and related preventive health services. Title X is legally designed to prioritize the needs of low-income families or uninsured people (including those who are not eligible for Medicaid) who might not otherwise have access to these health care services.

The Title X Family Planning Program, officially known as Public Law 91-572 or “Population Research and Voluntary Family Planning Programs”, was enacted under President Richard Nixon in 1970 as part of the Public Health Service Act. Its overall purpose is to promote positive birth outcomes and healthy families by allowing individuals to decide the number and spacing of their children. The other health services provided in Title X-funded clinics are integral in achieving this objective.


Title X is administered by the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health, Office of Population Affairs (OPA) by the Office of Family Planning (OFP). The statute and regulations of Title X require that 90 percent of congressional appropriations be used for clinical family planning purposes. In FY2010, Congress appropriated around $317 million for the Title X Family Planning program.




The first Title X clinic in Nebraska was established in Omaha in April 1935 under the auspices of the American Birth Control League, which became the Planned Parenthood Federation. The University of Nebraska Medical Center began providing family planning services through its Maternal & Infant Care Project in August 1965. The Lincoln Family Planning Center was opened in 1970 and the Scottsbluff Center in 1971.


In 1972 the Nebraska Health Association began establishing clinics throughout rural Nebraska. In 1974 all family planning programs in Nebraska were brought under the direct administration of the State Department of Health. Until 2019 NDOH was the grantee for Title X funds to Nebraska with 11 sub-grantees and 3 special projects. In April 2019 the Family Planning Council of Nebraska won the award for Nebraska for three years.

Title X Over the Years

Timeline of Title X