Executive Director

Nebraska Family Planning
Headquarters: Omaha, Nebraska


Founded in 2019, Nebraska Family Planning (NEFP) ensures access to equitable, rights-based reproductive health care services and education while championing all Nebraskans in determining their reproductive destiny. This Midwestern organization focuses particularly on people from low-income families, adolescents, people of color, rural communities, immigrants, and others who have been historically underserved, marginalized, and adversely affected by persistent poverty, inequality, and limited access to care. The organization believes that family planning is a fundamental human right essential for the well-being of all individuals.

As Nebraska’s grantee for Title X services, NEFP’s 12 sub-recipients, located in both urban and rural settings, provide comprehensive, client-centered, equitable, inclusive, and trauma-informed reproductive and sexual health services and methods. In 2020, the organization and its sub-recipients served 19,775 unduplicated patients across Nebraska.

NEFP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with an operating budget of ~$3.4M. It is guided by a 5-member Board of Directors and a year-round staff of 10. To learn more about NEFP, please visit https://nefamilyplanning.org/


Nebraska Family Planning is seeking a seasoned, highly skilled person to provide vision, leadership, and operational oversight to all aspects of this nonprofit organization. The Executive Director will work with the Board of Directors and staff to advance family planning within the realm of reproductive health, rights, and justice. The ED will also provide overall leadership for strategy and implementation, staff and organizational development, operations, financial oversight, and fundraising. The individual must be an outstanding communicator able to relate to multiple perspectives to achieve the organization’s mission. The ED must be able to adroitly balance continuous oversight of the organization and programs while developing and adapting the strategy and policies necessary for growth and maximum impact. The ED should also have extensive knowledge and leadership experience with reproductive health, rights, and justice, as well as experience managing federal grants. 


Leadership and Vision

  • With the Board of Directors, establish a clear vision and strategic pathway for the growth of Nebraska Family Planning.
  • Demonstrate maturity, empathy, and understanding to cultivate genuine relationships with diverse stakeholders.
  • Leverage the enthusiasm and passion for the organization’s mission and services that result in the development of a culture of mutual respect and collaboration.
  • Serve as an effective and visible spokesperson for NEFP, effectively articulating the organization’s mission and programming.
  • Possess excellent partnership-building skills to collaborate effectively with health care and social service providers, government, and various community stakeholders.

Program Oversight

  • Provide leadership and program oversight to effectively navigate the requirements of Title X and other federal grants within the domains of reproductive health and justice.
  • Build connections and influence to advocate for NEFP’s clients and advance reproductive health and services in Nebraska.
  • Develop strong relationships and alignment with federal partners.
  • Bolster outreach, technical support, and the introduction of culturally appropriate program approaches for sub-recipients located in urban to rural areas.
  • Streamline operational and reporting requirements for sub-recipients.
  • Strengthen community and sub-recipient relationships, and hold in trust the organization, its partners, and its clients.

Personnel Management

  • Provide leadership and direction to all staff and ensure the continued development and management of the organization.
  • Creates and promotes a positive, diverse, and inclusive work environment that supports productivity and quality throughout the organization’s strategy and operations.
  • Offer decisive and robust management skills and have the ability to lead through conflict and adversity successfully.
  • Motivate and maintain a cohesive staff, ensuring strong internal communication and coordination; recruit new staff when appropriate; and evaluate performance.

Board Relations

  • Cultivate a strong and transparent working relationship with the Board of Directors, and ensure open communication about the measurement of financial, programmatic, and impact performance against stated milestones and goals.
  • Collaborate with the board to develop, refine, and implement an organizational strategic plan.
  • Work with the board to identify and help recruit new board members who will add diversity to the board and whose talents, interests, and commitment will help to further NEFP’s mission.

Revenue, Finance, and General Operations

  • Maintain and expand the organization’s financial strength through fundraising and other revenue-generating activities.
  • Design appropriate systems and controls to identify and mitigate the organization’s business, financial, reputational, and other significant risks.
  • Oversee the organization’s fiscal health and integrity by developing long- and short-range financial plans and annual budgets, disseminate regular financial statements that informatively describe the organization’s financial condition, and ensure sound financial controls.
  • Set annual and longer-term strategic goals, the blueprint of activities to achieve these goals, and objectives by which progress toward the goals will be measured.
  • Establish effective decision-making processes that will enable the organization to achieve the organization’s goals and objectives.
  • Identify and implement contemporary ways to market and promote services to potential clients.


The ED should have the following experience and qualifications:

  • Proven successful leadership, managerial, team building, and financial management experience at an executive level within the reproductive health field.
  • Ability to envision and convey the organization’s strategic future and growth to staff, board, sub-recipients, donors, and key community stakeholders.
  • Effective leader with the ability to “bring others along.” Can motivate and influence individuals and groups.
  • Experience actively listening to and communicating with diverse groups and demonstrated success in communicating effectively in writing and verbally.
  • Strong management skills with the ability to successfully lead through conflict and adversity.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of and a commitment to reproductive health, rights, and justice; knowledge of Nebraska in its current form.
  • Ten years of nonprofit leadership experience, including running a nonprofit.
  • Bachelor’s degree required.


Ideally, the ED will be the following:

  • Personally committed and passionate about advancing NEFP’s mission, values, goals, and programs.
  • A humble and accessible leader who is empathetic, authentic, adaptive, strategic, diplomatic, resourceful, assertive, open-minded, politically astute, and able to instill a culture of transparency and resilience throughout the organization.
  • A servant-leader who is dedicated to the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • A hands-on team player who inspires collaboration, shares information readily, listens intently, and respects the perspectives and abilities of others.
  • An energetic person who can handle and prioritize multiple activities and responsibilities.


The ED will receive a competitive salary and a full benefits package. The selected candidate must be willing to relocate to the Greater Omaha area.


Nebraska Family Planning is an Equal Opportunity Employer and will not discriminate in its employment practices, volunteer opportunities, or the delivery of programs and services on the basis of race, color, religion, gender/gender identity, national origin, age, disability, medical condition, handicap, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected under federal, state or local law. NEFP actively seeks a diverse pool of candidates. We welcome applications from all qualified candidates.


To apply for this position, please submit your cover letter and resume electronically (see link below) to Gretchen Kunkel at The Moran Company. The cover letter should highlight your qualifications and experiences and how they align with NEFP’s requirements.   APPLY NOW